Upcoming – Nailene Nail Care Products

A few weeks ago, I saw a couple of reviews/videos about Nailene nail care products. They caught my eye and I immediately wanted to try them, especially their ‘So Natural’ nails! Unfortunately, as many of you know, I live in the Netherlands. Nailene isn’t available here, but they are working to make their products more readily (international) available.

About Nailene
With over 30 years in nail care, Nailene is taking it’s position as a proud beauty brand with a lighter side. We understand that women love to experiment with all kinds of beauty products – and they’re excited to uncover beauty “finds”. Nailene is the perfect accessory. Nailene was introduced to fill a genuine consumer need – a salon-quality artificial fingernail sold at retail. The product line has expanded to include application systems and accessories. Nailene continued to be an innovator and a leader in the artificial nail and natural nail care categories and had the most premium brands among consumers worldwide. Nailene products are sold in over 40.000  doors in mass, drug and food chain retailers in the US and represented by a distributor network in 39 countries worldwide. For further information on the current line-up of products, please check their website at nailene.com
Source: letter and http://www.nailene.com

I contacted Nailene through Twitter, explained the situation and I asked if I could purchase their products somewhere else, because I really wanted to try them. They contacted me back through my blog and they asked me if I wanted to review their products. I was over the moon, because these products are the first products that I’ve received to review from a company! Within a week, my package arrived from the USA and I opened it immediately.. Wow! Instant shock! I got a bag full of products! Look what was inside:

The package included:
– Two sets of their brand new ‘So Natural’ glue-on nails
– Nailart stickers (LOTS of them!)
– French manicure polish pen
– French manicure sticker guides
It also contained a coupon for $1 off of their products, but unfortunately I can’t use that.

Stay tuned for a separate review of all of the products, I can’t wait to test them all out! I have a spoiler for you all: their improved ‘So Natural’ glue-on nails are the freaking best! I’m so sad that we (Dutch people) can’t order these products, but there is a possibility to get them, if you’re international. Drugstore.com does offer their products. As far as I know, they don’t accept PayPal, but they dó ship to the Netherlands. So if you own a credit card… Then I’m very jealous, lol! You could also try eBay to find their products, but I haven’t had much luck with finding their ‘So Natural’ nails, since they’re fairly new!

I want to thank Nailene (and especially Eileen), for giving me the opportunity to try out their products. I’m very honored! Follow Nailene on Twitter (click!), add them on Facebook (click!) and check out their YouTube channel (click!).

Did you ever used any kind of glue-on nails? What are your thoughts on them, versus natural/acrylic/gel nails? Please let me know in the comments!

Your beauty addict,

I did get products in this blog post for free by a company.
I’m not getting paid or compensated by a company for this blog post. I’m not affiliated with the company. This doesn’t affect my opinion. If I don’t like any of the products, I will let you (and the company) know! This is my honest opinion.


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