Review – Nailene So Natural Nails With Chip Proof Technology

I wanted to have pretty nails on New Years eve, but due to a lot of stress I bit my nails off 😦 Luckily, I had these Nailene So Natural glue-on nails on hand, to test them out!

This is how they look like in the packaging:

What does the brand promise:
Nail down a solution for a beautifully natural look introducing new & improved Nailene So Natural. Nail the perfect look with new and improved Nailene So Natural. New, improved, and better than ever. Nailene So Natural nails are engineered with chip-proof technology, so you can have 3x longer wear, more comfort and a ore natural look than salon nails! Nailene So Natural, with a superior to salon quality look at half the price, is a safe alternative to other nail applications – and is a great way to break your nail biting habit. So Natural features a pliable base that uniquely molds to the nail bed and cuticle base for optimal comfort, while retaining an acrylic-like hardness at the tip to prevent chipping. Totally chip-proof, so you’ll have no more chipped tips and up to 10 days of worry-free wear! Your natural looking nails will have everyone fooled.

Nailene So Natural retails for $5.99 and is available at mass merchandiser, drug chains and discount stores nationwide.

What does the packaging contain:
There are 24 nails in the packaging, in 12 sizes. On the back of the nail, the nails are numbered from 0 to 9. 0 being the biggest and 9 being the smallest. The packaging also includes (very good) professional pink gel glue, a small sand file with two different grits (one being finer than the other) and a little plastic cuticle stick.

How do they look:
I’ve used number 77359, but they look identical to the left ones in the picture above. The nails are short length and square shaped. I love the shape of these nails! They suit my hands very well. I like that they aren’t super long, because short ones feel (and look) more natural. The color is incredible, they look so natural!

I’ve never tried glue-on nails before, so I thought this was going to be a very though job! But this is what the instructions say on the back of the packaging:
1. Buff nail, then clean. Push back cuticles.
2. Apply glue to artificial nail.
3. Apply glue to natural nail.
4. Press and hold.

And that is exactly what I did. But of course, I began with fitting and shaping the artificial nails. I found a good fit for every nail and I find this a huge plus. There wasn’t much filing to do at all!

I’m currently wearing the nails for the fifth day, and they’re still going strong! I can only see the side of my thumb getting a little bit loose, but it still is very sturdy.

What the instructions say:
Trim and file artificial nail. Soak in acetone polish remover until artificial nails dissolve. Do not break or peel off nails.

I haven’t removed them yet, but don’t peel them off! Use an acetone based remover, so the artificial nail will dissolve and come loose from the natural nail. You can remove the glue from your natural nail with the acetone remover too. If you do this correctly, you won’t damage your natural nails. You can also look up some videos on YouTube, on how to remove glue-on nails. There are great videos on them.

I can imagine you want to see some pictures, so here they are!

These pictures are without filing any of the length off. Yesterday I filed a lot of the length off, because I’m not allowed to have long nails past my fingertips at school (I’m in beauty school). Here’s a picture of the short nails:

Overall thoughts:
Nailene ‘So Natural’ nails do look very natural. They are easy to apply and last a long time. They don’t damage your natural nail and a package retails for $5.99. I think that’s a complete steal, because a pack of glue-on nails from almost any Dutch brand cost at least €9,95, which is about $15! The So Natural nails will not be available internationally until the spring time, but let’s hope Nailene’s products will then be available in the Netherlands too!

Nailene also sent me a coupon, for everyone who wants to try them out. Click down here!

Stay tuned for more reviews on Nailene nail care products!

What do you think about artificial nails in general? And do you like these nails on me? Please let me know in the comments!

Your beauty addict,

I did get products in this blog post for free by a company.
I’m not getting paid or compensated by a company for this blog post. I’m not affiliated with the company. This doesn’t affect my opinion. If I don’t like any of the products, I will let you (and the company) know! This is my honest opinion.

6 thoughts on “Review – Nailene So Natural Nails With Chip Proof Technology

  1. Wow, I am totally impressed,
    they look indeed very natural 😀
    You could’ve fool anybody with these,
    making them think they are your own nails 😉

  2. They indeed look sooo natural!!!

    Only downside I think is the ultra white tips. I’m just not that fond of that.
    But hey, that’s just me! 😉

  3. I got the french tip no chip, Awesome!!! The best do it yourself nails I’ve ever used. I love this brand! The nails look so natural and you can actually cut them and file it and they still look great. With other nails the excess shavings from filing is hard to get off the under part of the tip. Not with these, I filed all my nails and used the top of the file to gently remove the shavings off from under my tips with ease. I even used the extra nails (cut each nail w/ a reg. sizzors &shaped them with the file that came in the box)and did my toes, I swear no one could tell the difference people thought I had a pedicure…lol. I’m also really impressed with the glue, it holds really well. My hands are in water quite a bit and the nails haven’t fallen off. The best part is when I tried to remove some of the nails (just because I felt it was slightly off, after 2 days haha) they came off with out pain or any nail polish remover. So, I got a pedicure, manicure AND touch ups for under $6, beat that.

  4. luv how natural the nails look on you!!! I will have to try these…I hv always luved wearing nailene nails, but they have come out with tons of new styles I deff will be trying!!!!

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