Quickies – Make Your Lips Look Fuller

Again, a new category on my blog! This category is meant for quick tips and tricks that I’ve learned and want to share with you. In this first post, I will explain how you can make your lips look fuller, without using botox 😉

Use a lipliner in the color of your lips for a natural look, or a color that is similar to the lipstick that you’re going to wear that day. To make your lips look fuller, you can apply the lipliner a little outside the natural lipline. But don’t go out too much, it will look fake! Just a millimeter or 2 will do.

Use a lipstick with a lot of color, so your lips stand out more. Reds and hot pinks will look great!

Any shine/shimmer will make your lips look fuller, just like a highlighter on your browbone and on your cheekbones. You can also apply it on the middle, so this part comes forward more.

Use a shimmering, champagne color eyeliner, such as Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes in Champagne, to draw a line above your cupids bow, so your upper lips look fuller. You can also do this trick with your bottom lips. This really works, especially on photos!

Source: Google

What do you do to make your lips look fuller?

Your beauty addict,


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