Stash & Organization Ideas – Earrings

In my quest to find some handy things to store my make-up, clothes, shoes and accessories, I found a new category for my blog! In this first post I’m going to show you a great idea about organizing your earrings!

I think it’s important that you store things well, but I also like to see everything when it’s stored, so I don’t forget certain things that I own, lol!

I bought this box on eBay, for €6,- including shipping, from this seller: SZDepot88. This box is amazing for stashing my ‘fake’ earrings, which aren’t real silver/gold. I’m still on the look-out to find a beautiful jewelery case for my ‘real’ jewelery. The compartments are adjustable, so you can stack different sizes earrings. The box contains 24 compartments and it’s so slim & small! Easy to store in a drawer, or you can hang it on the wall. You can also use this to store other things, such as beads, nail decals, scrapping stuff and more!


What do you use to store your accessories? And how about your ‘real’ jewelery? Do you keep that separate from the rest? Let me know in the comments!

Your beauty addict,

3 thoughts on “Stash & Organization Ideas – Earrings

  1. I use something very similar for my costume earrings, necklaces and matching sets!:
    I keep the lids off and stack them in my nightstand drawer. These are great for your nicer jewelry:
    They stack, too. And they have the velvety lining in them and generally smaller compartments. I also have this for my sterling silver because is reduses tarnishing – and it really works!
    Thanks for your post! Cute blog, too. 🙂

  2. Natas! Wat leuk dit blog zeg! Nu ben ik wel heel benieuwd waar jij die boxen gehaald hebt, ik heb namelijk ook een giganische oorbellen collecctie, dus very handy for me!


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