I’m So Sorry! #3

Hi y’all!

First of all: I’m not sick anymore! I stayed at home for a whole week and felt better after that. I went to school/internship last week and it felt good, but I still have a lot of physical problems like nail biting, huge head aches, terrible aches in my back and binging.. I’m not feeling well and it took me a long time to put this on my blog, because I’m very embarrassed about it all. I still don’t know where this is coming from, but I think a huge part of it is due to stress. I have a very important school exam coming up and all my school work takes up a lot of time!

I have to make choices now, to give my body the rest that it deserves.. Therefor, I made the decision to (temporarily) quit with writing for my blog. I’m very sorry to disappoint you all, I feel so bad about it! I hope you will understand my decision and that I will get the support that I need so hard right now. I will continue to be on Twitter, so you can follow me there!

I hope I will be back.. Soon..

Thanks sweethearts!

Your beauty addict,


3 thoughts on “I’m So Sorry! #3

  1. Heel begrijpelijk meid, gewoon voor jezelf kiezen! Een blog werkt niet als je geen tijd en energie overhoudt. Zodra er stress komt, dan is een blog het beste wat je kunt laten schieten. Daar hoef je je echt niet voor te verontschuldigen!

    Succes! En probeer niet te veel te stressen 😉


  2. Awww sweety!!!

    Je hoeft je niet te verontschuldigen!
    Je gezondheid is het allerbelangrijkste! Neem de tijd om tot jezelf te komen meis.
    I’ll be there for you!


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