My New Love & Me – Part I

I’m in love.. I didn’t want to tell you guys, I really wanted to keep it a secret. I’ll tell you everything about him, if you promise not to tell anyone! He’s so perfect.. His body, his sound, his functionalities.. So, you want to know who my secret lover is…?

It’s my new iPhone 4! LOL I got you, didn’t I?! 🙂

I have this beautiful gadget since August 19th, and I thought it was time to tell you all about my favorite apps. I know this is a beauty blog, but I couldn’t help myself. I just had to share 🙂 I’m addicted to my new phone. It’s so pretty and it has so much functionalities, it’s crazy!

My apps:
I have A LOT of apps, and counting! I’m still on the look-out for cool, new apps. So if you have any recommendations, please let me know 🙂 I like to have my phone very organized, so that’s why I have created 11 folders. This is very handy to organize my apps. Here are all my folders explained, with today: part I.

– 2Do Lite: awesome to-do list! nothing more to say.
– Measures Lite: you can calculate how much centimeter is a meter and more!
– Leveler: this speaks for itself.
– T-Mobile Forum: handy if you have a question about your phone or contract.

– Night Stand: great alarm clock app!
– Belstatus: to check how many text messages/calling minutes you have left for the rest of the month.
– Belstand: the same as above.
– Rabobank Bankieren: handy to check my financials.
– PayPal: same as above, but for the online account.
– Magic Sleep: gets you asleep in a matter of minutes. Very cool app!
– iStudiez Lite: you NEED this if you are in school, high school, college or whatever! It’s awesome.
– TapTrace Pro: find your phone when you lose it.

– NU: Dutch news site.
– to check if it’s going to rain.
– Kranten: check a lot of Dutch papers all at once.
– Teletekst: another news app, here you can read the news from the TV text.
– Currency: very handy to calculate different currencies.

– Messenger: speaks for itself.
– PingChat!: free texting with other people who have an iPhone or BB.
– Hyves: Dutch social media website.
– Facebook: speaks for itself.
– Skype: see the above.
– Bump: exchange files with other iPhones.
– WordPress: I need to check my website!
– AppShopper: very nice to check if there are any new apps or if apps changed in price.
– Twitter: speaks for itself.

– Reisplanner: Dutch railway app.
– Bushalte: Dutch bus station app.
– 9292ov Pro: very handy as well!
– AroundMe: cool app to see if there are any cool things around you.
– Openingstijden: to check if your local stores are still open or closed.
– Layar: also very cool to check things around you.
– iTranslate: to translate words.
– NAVIGON: free navigation app, awesome!

– eBay: what else can I say? Lol!
– Marktplaats: Dutch eBay website.
– H&M: awesome.
– Appie: great to use for Dutch groceries store Albert Heijn.
– Ikea : handy!
– Ugg: I downloaded this because I want to buy Uggs this year!
– MANGO: handy.
– Topshop: very nice Topshop app!
– ONLY: another clothing brand app.

Stay tuned for part II!

Do you like the new iPhone? Ever wanted/had an iPhone? Tell me what you think!

Your beauty (and iPhone) addict,

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