My YouTube Favorites – Pixiwoo

In this new category I’m going to talk about my favorite YouTubers!

This week I want to talk about my all-time favorite duo: Pixiwoo!

Pixiwoo are two fabulous women from London, England: Samantha and Nicola. They film makeup tutorials and they also do product reviews. Everything on their channel is beauty related. They are extremely talented and they’re the biggest inspiration to me! They actually know what they’re doing and I love to see them doing it! 😀

I especially love it when they make catwalk-inspired trend make-up, such as in this video:

You can really learn so much from them and I admire them a lot. I am seriously considering following a week-long makeup course by them, in London. Definitely check them out!!!

What do you think of Pixiwoo? Who are your favourite YouTubers?

Your beauty addict,


14 thoughts on “My YouTube Favorites – Pixiwoo

    • Well, I’m not very good with my English either. I make a lot of mistakes, lol! But I would love to understand what you’re writing about! Maybe you can put English translation underneath your own language? 🙂

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