Review: MAC Cleanse Off Oil

As you might know, MAC Cosmetics is my favorite makeup brand. But what you might NOT know, is that they also make my HG makeup remover for the entire face: MAC Cleanse Off Oil!

The cleanser comes in a sleek, plastic bottle. You can turn the cap to open/close the pump system. Be careful when you’re travelling though, the pump might open! That’s also the reason why I save the bottle in it’s original cardboard packaging, to prevent spilling when you’re on the go 🙂 The oil itself has a light yellow color. MAC Cleanse Off Oil contains 150 ml. or 5.0 US FL. OZ. of product.

The remover contains very nice oils, such as jojoba, wheat and rice germ oil. For added benefits: lavender, bitter orange, evening primrose and rose oils are added. The oil is pretty thick in consistency and smells divine. The right way to use this remover is to apply one/two pumps of oil on your dry hands, rub it together and apply it on dry skin. Massage it very well, also carefully on your eye area. When you look like a raccoon: apply some lukewarm water to your hands and massage your face again. The oil will emulsify and the clear consistency will turn into a milky liquid. Then, wash your face with water and there you have it: perfectly soft, clean skin! No oily residue at all, it’s like a miracle product. It removes everything, even waterproof makeup! No more messing around with cotton pads, milk, lotion, cleansers and so on. This oil will do the trick, all in one!  After you used this oil, you can put on a toner, serum and cream and your done for the night!

This oil is suited for every skin type, from very dry to very oily skin. As long as you make sure to remove all the traces of oil. Word of warning: be sure not to have any allergies for the oils that are a part of this oil, or your face will turn bright red!

– It simply works!
– Soft, delicate cleansing: No harsh, stripping ingredients.
– Added benefit: stimulating the bloodstream by massaging your face.
– You only need a little water to clean your entire face, no more hassle with multiple products.
– Very economical in use: you only need a little bit. A bottle will last you 6-9 months with daily use.
– The scent

– Contains oils to which some people are allergic to. Always check the ingredients of products you use!
– Price
– Availability (only available at MAC counters & stores)

Final thoughts:
Hands down my favorite makeup remover and in my opinion definitely worth the price!

MAC Cleanse Off Oil is available at all M.A.C. counters and stores and will retail for $26.00 / €23.00

What is your favorite makeup remover? Did you ever try an oil-based remover? Let me know in the comments!

Your beauty addict,


5 thoughts on “Review: MAC Cleanse Off Oil

  1. Same as Mandy, I have this on my “to try list” Im using Ultrablend by Lush at the moment and all tho I love it, Im always looking for something new.

    I love the way you wrote your review, pro’s and cons and the warning about spilling is just ovely

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