Welcome at Vanillaa.nl #2

Helloooo and welcome to an all new Vanillaa.nl! 😀

Since I got my own domain, I decided to renew the lay-out and to change everything around. I’m very happy with the result, but I’m not so sure about certain things, such as the background picture and the buttons for the social media websites (in the right sidebar).

I appreciate input from my readers, so please let me know what you think! Do I need to add/change things?

I also updated my Bloglovin’ link, as you might have read in yesterday’s post. Also, I created a Facebook page for Vanillaa.nl. Here are the links, check them out and don’t forget to follow me!


4 thoughts on “Welcome at Vanillaa.nl #2

  1. Heya girl!
    Like what you’ve done to the layout!
    I find the banner quite… basic and empty though…. But hey that’s just me!
    If you’re after a clean and modern feel, you got it! 😉

    Personally, I’d add something to the banner…
    A background or little ‘doodle’ or borders or something..?

  2. Gefeliciteerd met je domein! Ik volg je nog te kort (zal je nieuwe site toevoegen aan Bloglovin’) om je tips te kunnen geven 😉 wellicht kom ik later nog met tips,.,.,

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