Tag: Stylish Blogger Award

Yesterday I received a nice tag from Sandra from JBB: the Stylish Blogger Award. Yay, thanks hun! 😀

Especially for this tag, I’ll tell 7 random things about me. So stay tuned if you want to learn some random facts 😉

1. I’m scared to death of spiders! They freak me out and once I see one, you’ll hear me screaming at the other side of town: no joke 😉

2. I used to bite my nails really bad, I know right.. Yuck! Article about nail biting is coming up btw!

3. I still don’t own a driver’s license.. And I’m 22 years old!

4. I’m a big lurker on more than 150 beauty blogs, 50 nail blogs and 20 fashion blogs.. Now that I run my own blog, I try to comment some more on others!

5. I have my nose piercing for years already (I was very young, 11 or something like that). I couldn’t imagine my face without it, it is a part of who I am 😛 I also had my tongue pierced, but I got bored with it, so I took it out.

6. I’m freaked out by best before dates on food. Every time I take something out of the fridge, I’ll ask my mum: “Is this still ok to eat?” My parents call me crazy for having such a fear of things being past it’s expiration date.

7. I’m really shy when meeting new people, I also hate to call people (especially people I don’t know personally). But when you get to know me, I’m very outgoing and spontaneous.

So, that’s it! 😀

I should’ve sent this tag to 15 people, but since I like to do things differently ( 😉 ), I’ll tag everyone who likes it!

What is your biggest fear in life (besides spiders 😛 ) ? Tell me in the comments!

Your beauty addict,


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