Collection: Catrice Welcome To Las Vegas

Oh Vegas, how I love Vegas. With all the awesome showdancers, music and the blinding lights.. Catrice made a new limited edition, inspired by this awesome city: Welcome To Las Vegas!

What Catrice says:
Let the show begin! When the sun sets behind the horizon, the desert city of Las Vegas turns into a sparkling sea of glittering lights. Standing ovations for spectacular shows, seductive showgirls, exciting pin-up costumes – open the red curtain for the new Limited Edition “Welcome to Las Vegas” by CATRICE. A hint of burlesque, pure glamour and great divas – with this breathtaking make-up, every woman is sure to be the highlight of the night. In November 2011, expressive eye make-up in dramatic dark shades and an elegant shimmer on your lips, nails and face open the door to a world full of indulgence, elegance and brilliance – this city is sure to transform us all. Welcome to Las Vegas!

On to the products!

Absolute Eye Colour Quattro
What Catrice says:
Elegant gold and nearly-black shades provide the ultimate glamour factor with the Absolute Eye Colour Quattro eye shadows. The silky and highly pigmented texture helps to create awesome eye make-up with fascinating effects – and it lasts all night long. Available in 01 Curtain Up!
Suggested retail price: €4.49

What Vanillaa says:
To be honest, this palette doesn’t scream my name. I don’t really like it. I think it’s the color combination which doesn’t suite me. I’m curious about the pigmentation and the amount of shimmers though!

Duo Lipgloss
What Catrice says:
Irresistible lips in just two easy steps! Exciting base colors in seductive red shades provide long-lasting, intensive lip color. The metallic highlighters in gold, bronze and platinum give the look a glamorous touch for lips that are impossible to resist! Available in 01 Lovely Sinner, 02 Welcome to Glitz and Glamour & 03 Let Me Seduce You.
Suggested retail price: €3.99

What Vanillaa says:
Hmmm, interesting. I think the gold one looks pretty neat, but I can’t see myself wearing metallic-y silver & bronze lips..

Lashes For Show Down
What Catrice says:
Expression, drama, extravagance – the sophisticated Lashes for Show Down with an elegant, sweeping shape. For sexy eyes that turn every lady into the star of her very own show. The new Las Vegas look in perfection! Available in Lashes For Show Down.
Suggested retail price: €3.99

What Vanillaa says:
I really like these lashes, I think these are awesome for a party or something like that. Perhaps Christmas? I think I will be getting these!

Liquid Liner
What Catrice says:
Would you like to emphasize your eyes with individual accents to give your look the ultimate finish? The luxurious Liquid Liner with golden shimmer pigments comes with a fine tip for accurate application and ensures gorgeous eye make-up. Available in 01 Drama Queen.
Suggested retail price: €3.79

What Vanillaa says:
Hmm, black liner with golden shimmer.. Been there, done that.. But maybe, just maybe.. I will like it! Who knows 😉

Shimmering Powder
What Catrice says:
Feel like adding a subtle shimmer to your face and body? The Shimmering Powder comes in an elegant flacon with a pump dispenser. It not only provides a fascinating, smooth shimmer effect but also has a delicious scent to ensure unforgettable moments. The whole of Las Vegas will get lost in the moment… Available in Shimmering Powder.
Suggested retail price: €4.99

What Vanillaa says:
Oh boy, we have a winner! *ding ding ding* 😀 I really like the packaging of this! Wow! Let’s hope the powder is as pretty as it’s packaging. Lovely!

Transparent Fixing Powder
What Catrice says:
A touch of luxury – the Transparent Fixing Powder with an elaborate texture print ensures a fresh, matt complexion all night long. The ideal finish for glamorous evening make-up. Available in 10 Fairy Dust.
Suggested retail price: €3.99

What Vanillaa says:
Another winner, I hope this face is actually printed in the powder, that would be amazing. We’ll have to wait and see 🙂

Ultimate Nail Lacquer
What Catrice says:
Be a diva with perfect style down to the tips of your fingers. Do you want high color intensity, breathtaking shimmer and lasting durability with just one stroke of the brush? Whether you go for seductive red, sophisticated gold or dramatic black and blue, the Welcome to Vegas polishes guarantee a grand appearance! Let the show begin! Available in 01 Lovely Sinner, 02 Alluring Night, 03 Star of the Show & 04 Drama Queen.
Suggested retail price: €2.49

What Vanillaa says:
Hmm, interesting colors! I’m curious about the finish, especially the black and blue ones!

I like this collection, it suits the party months. I think the shimmer powder, face powder and the polishes (depending on it’s finishes) will be the most interesting parts of this collection. Nice!

Catrice Welcome To Las Vegas is exclusively sold at Kruidvat and Trekpleister (the Netherlands), from half November until the end of December 2011.

So, how do you like this sparkly collection by Catrice? Let me know in the comments!

Your beauty addict,

Source: Catrice


4 thoughts on “Collection: Catrice Welcome To Las Vegas

  1. WANT the shimmer powder and the transparent powder!
    Especially that shimmer powder, the bottle is to die for!!
    Elegant with a hint of vintage feeling, gorgeous!!

    And the lashes seem nice too!
    Are those demi’s? Can’t really tell…

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