My experience: Ordering at Zalando

Today I want to share you my experience with ordering from Zalando. They were so nice to offer me the opportunity to order something from their website.

For the Dutch people: you probably know this webshop through their TV commercial: screaming people holding big Zalando boxes. Now, I know this commercial isn’t everyone’s favorite, but let’s be honest: in a short period of time, everybody knew Zalando 😉 And that’s exactly the point of this whole commercial, if you ask me 😉

On their website, I found a little statement about them:
Zalando offers its customers more than just shoes! Zalando provides a comprehensive shopping experience. Our goal is to offer our customers and clients a wide range of cutting-edge shoes and fashion items with excellent customer service and the advantages of an easy and secure online shopping experience.

After watching the commercial a few times, I got curious and went on my laptop and looked up their webshop. I was amazed at what I found: thousands of products! I mean, I knew they sell shoes (dohh, the commercial is all about nude people and shoes ;-)), but what I (and I think a lot of people) didn’t know, is that they also sell a lot of clothes, pretty accessories and most importantly… a lot of beauty stuff! Awesome right?! 😀

As you can imagine, I was totally excited and couldn’t choose what to order at first.. I knew I wanted to order something for my hands/nails, but what? First I wanted to order a Butter London nail polish, but then I realized it might be more fun to order a set of products, so that I can review the items on my blog as well! And that’s exactly what I did, I ordered the Burt’s Bees Head To Toe Starter Kit! 😀

Doesn’t this look cute? I love it! Stay tuned for the review on this cute set.

Ordering with Zalando was very easy and quick. Their webshop is very well laid out and paying is very easy, you can also pay by PayPal!

The delivery was very quick, I got my package the next day. It was very neatly packed and I was very happy to receive my goodies this quick!

Have you ever ordered from Zalando? Tell me in the comments.

Your beauty addict,


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