Collection: Catrice Hidden World

I love me some bright looks, bright pink or red lipstick and bright eye looks. But what I also love, is a nice, soft and dream-y look. Yay for me, because Catrice’s new limited edition is based on this look. Get ready for Catrice Hidden World!

What Catrice says:
Dreamlike – yet confident. Soft – yet by no means fragile. Mysterious – yet never shy. Subtle – yet totally present. In January 2012, the Limited Edition “Hidden World” by CATRICE loosens the boundaries between fantasy and reality, between heaven and earth. Powdery rosé shades and earthy browns merge with cool shimmer effects to create a soft harmony of color. This make-up is seductive, feminine and airy. An interplay of warm and cold. Far too beautiful to hide…

On to the products 😀

Made To Stay Eyeshadow Soufflé
What Catrice says:
Light and airy, the soft texture of this soufflé gently covers your eyelids. Its creamy, long-lasting texture can be applied with a brush or your fingertip. Whether you wish to create soft accents or harmonious transitions – the nearly white, light rose and warm brown nuances go for understatement in all sorts of combinations. Available in 01 Wood You Follow Me?, 02 Yes, I Wood! & 03 Rosy&Cosy.
Suggested retail price: €3.49

What Vanillaa says:
I think I’ll like these. I’m curious about the colors in real life, though. Especially the pink one, since there aren’t too many pink bases available for eyeshadow.

Liquid Metal Gloss
What Catrice says:
Elegant metal with a cool shimmmer – a must-have for seductive lips in the Hidden World style by CATRICE. Rose, berry or warm brown are this season’s favorites for shiny glosses that set optical highlights with their high-quality texture, as well as offering moisture and care for a velvety, soft finish. Available in 01 Yes, I Wood!, 02 Walk On Air & 03 Rosy&Cosy.
Suggested retail price: €3.79

What Vanillaa says:
I think these colors are a little bit boring, but I think I’ll like the dark pink one!

Blush Mousse
What Catrice says:
Walking in the Hidden World! There aren’t many things that can beat the natural beauty of a fresh, radiant complexion after a winter walk. The revitalized feeling and a gentle flush on your cheeks… now just a soft touch of the airy, light Blush Mousse is enough to give you an immediate boost of freshness and rosy cheeks for a seductive look that lasts for hours.
Suggested retail price: €3.79

What Vanillaa says:
So so curious about the consistency and the color! I love blushes 😀

Illuminating Base
What Catrice says:
A soft, natural look requires a flawless complexion. A professional basis is therefore absolutely essential for radiant-looking skin – and CATRICE fulfils this requirement with the Illuminating Base. What more could we possible ask for? The creamy formula ensures a pleasant application and evens out small irregularities of the skin. The ideal preparation for imaginative creations and gorgeous make-up styles.
Suggested retail price: €3.99

What Vanillaa says:
I will definitely buy this, I’m really curious about the luminous effect and I really like foundation primers in general.

Ultimate Nail Lacquer
What Catrice says:
The most trendy nail polish colors can be found somewhere between heaven and earth. Warm shades in apricot and brown as well as white seem to have only one goal: to turn our nails into the ultimate fashion accessory. A perfect and long-lasting finish to the Hidden World look with great coverage. Available in 01 White and Seek, 02 Walk On Air & 03 Wood You Follow Me?
Suggested retail price: €2.49

What Vanillaa says:
These color don’t really appeal to me.. I hope the white one has a jelly texture. I love jelly white nail polish! 😀

Secret Mirror
What Catrice says:
What’s hiding inside this elegant leather pouch? Beauty! The Secret Mirror is a loyal companion for a quick fresh-up when you’re on the go. A highlight that perfectly complements the Hidden World by CATRICE.
Suggested retail price: €3.29

What Vanillaa says:
This looks pretty, but I already carry a pretty mirror in my purse, so I won’t need this 🙂

I like this collection, but I’m very curious about the colors in real life. Everything looks really soft 🙂 I like the packaging too, it really suits the collection. Definitely worth checking out, in my opinion!

Catrice Hidden World is exclusively sold at Kruidvat and Trekpleister (the Netherlands), from January until half February 2012.

What do you think about this soft colored collection? Are you as curious about the Illuminating Base as me? Let me know in the comments!

Your beauty addict,

Source: Catrice

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