Collection: Essence Crystalliced

I can’t dream about snow coming anymore, since it’s now past the Holidays. I’m longing for spring 2012 already! But… Essence keeps the winter spirit coming with their icy new Trend Edition called Crystalliced!

What Essence says:
Chilly cold weather, dancing snowflakes and ice crystals sparkling on your window… That’s why we love the winter! With the new trend edition “Crystalliced”, Essence captures this breathtaking spectacle of nature in january and february 2012 to conjure-up frosty, cool styles sure to make the hearts of all ice princesses beat a little bit faster! Delicate pastel shades, subtle shimmer effects and cool textures turn the winter into the most beautiful time of year – at least as far as your make-up is concerned!

Let’s see 😀

Liquid Eyeshadow
What Essence says:
Ice eyes, baby! The new liquid eyeshadow is available in four fascinating wintery colors to ensure breathtaking eye make-up styles! Its ultra-silky texture allows a smooth and simple application with your fingers. And the subtle shimmer pigments reflect the rays of the winter sun to make your eyes shine brightly! Available in 01 It’s A Snow-Woman’s World, 02 Ice Eyes Baby, 03 Ice Crystals On My Window & 04 Iced Age Reloaded.
Suggested retail price: €2.29

What Vanillaa says:
These don’t really stand out to me. I don’t really like liquid eyeshadows, and for some reason I got a feeling that these will crease a lot.. We’ll see!

Snow Flake Mascara Topper
What Essence says:
All set for the winter: With the snow flake mascara topper, ice-queens can give their january style the icing on the cake – literally! Simply apply to the tips of your lashes on top of your mascara to set sparkling highlights with white glitter particles. For a unique snowflake and ice-crystal look!
Suggested retail price: €2.29

What Vanillaa says:
Interesting! I saw a tutorial on making snow-y lashes using plain white eyeliner.. So I don’t actually need it, but if it really sparkles.. I do need it, lol 😀

Glitter Froster
What Essence says:
Frost yourself – with the gentle Glitter Froster in gold or silver. The Glitter Froster creates gorgeous shimmering snowflake-like highlights on your eyes, lips and face. So frosty, but beautiful enough to make hearts melt! Available in 01 Frosted Champaign & 02 Diamond Dust.
Suggested retail price: €2.29

What Vanillaa says:
Glitter!! I love these! Want, want, want.. Yes, both 😉

What Essence says:
Three enchanting pastel lipgloss shades for endless styling options! The particularly light and glossy texture gives your lips a seductive shimmer and all the care they need in cold temperatures. Available in 01 It’s A Snow-Woman’s World, 02 Diamond Dust & 03 Ice Crystals On My Window.
Suggested retail price: €1.79

What Vanillaa says:
Hmm, as Miss Lipgloss said, these look like the MAC Dazzleglasses. Nice! Can’t wait to see swatches of these.

Liquid Highlighter
What Essence says:
Snow queens take note! This liquid highlighter is the absolute it-product of the season. Its shimmering fluid melts with the skin on your face and neckline to ensure a radiant look! Thanks to its practical handbag format, you can bring this essential little helper along to parties or wherever you go!
Suggested retail price: €2.49

What Vanillaa says:
Very interesting product! Will this look the same as the MAC Strobe Cream/Liquid? I hope it does 🙂

Nail Polish
What Essence says:
Now you’ll be perfectly equipped for the next snowball fight: Five extraordinary nail polishes provide a high-shine finish this winter. Glitter effects, a long-lasting formula and high coverage ensure that your nails are not only especially resistant, but are sure to generate lots of attention, too! Available in 01 It’s A Snow-Woman’s World, 02 Ice Crystals On My Window, 03 Iced Age Reloaded, 04 Ice Eyes Baby & 05 Frosted Champaign.
Suggested retail price: €1.79

What Vanillaa says:
I like pastel-y colors and these look like they contain beautiful shimmers. I must see swatches of these before I buy them, though.. I’m scared of the lack of pigmentation!

Nail Sticker
What Essence says:
The nail stickers with snowflake and ice crystal designs lie softly on your nails just like real snow. They perfectly complement the cool crystalliced-look and are gorgeous wintery eye-catchers when combined with the crystalliced nail polishes. Available in 01 Frozen Playground.
Suggested retail price: €1.29

What Vanillaa says:
These are pretty, I will get these for sure 🙂

I like the packaging of these items, simple but pretty. And the white details really suit the collection, of course! I think this collection will surprise me, as the colors don’t really look very interesting, but I’m very curious about the finishes of all the products!

Essence Crystalliced is exclusively sold at Kruidvat (the Netherlands), from January until February 2012.

What do you think about this glittery, icy collection? Any things you want to purchase? Tell me about it in the comments!

Your beauty addict,

Source: Essence & Miss Lipgloss


6 thoughts on “Collection: Essence Crystalliced

  1. Sv: Thankyou!
    Yeaahh It was a great color! I don`t live near a MAC-store, so everytime I`ll have to order online to get something, after sitting and trying find pictures to see if the product looks good. Soo, it`s kinda a surprise everytime, luckely this was a good one :D.

    • Ahwww thanks so much for your reply!!! Very sweet of you 🙂 Happy New Year by the way! And MAC rocks! I don’t live near a store/counter either.. Such a bummer 😉 Take care! xx

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