Update Catrice standard collection Spring/Summer 2012

I love new limited collections, but I’m even more fond of brands that update their standard assortment. And today, I’m proud to announce that Catrice (one of my favorite drugstore brands) will update their entire standard collection, this spring! Amazing, right? 😀

We all know that old products must make room for new ones, so yes: there are some products that get discontinued. So, to start with the ‘bad’, let’s first take a look at the products that will get discontinued from February 2012! Beware, this is going to be a very long post 🙂

Ultimate Nail Lacquers (€2.49):
120 Plum Play With Me
130 Lucky In Lilac
140 Let’s Mauve On!
320 Back To Black
340 Run Forest Run!
380 Forget-Me-Not!
430 Purplelized
440 I Wear My Sunglasses At Night
450 Sand Francisco
460 In The Bronx
470 Snow Motion!
480 Miss Piggy Reloaded
490 Iron Mermaiden
500 Sir! Yes, Sir!
540 Am I Blue Or Green
580 Blues Brother Vol. II
590 Jade Is Not My Name
660 I’m A Star..

Ultimate Nudes (€2.49):
060 Mona Lisa Is Staring Back

Prismatic Effects Top Coat (€2.49)

Frosting Top Coat (€2.49)

Absolute Eye Colour Mono Eyeshadows (€2.79):
030 Who Is Kermit?
040 In The Army Now
050 The Noble Knights
060 I Love Champagne
100 Welcome To Miami Peach
120 My Souvenir From Mars
190 Petrol Keeps Me Running
250 Swimming With Dolphins
300 Pink Rock Super Star
330 I Think I’ve Green You Before
380 Carbon Bleu

Absolute Eye Colour Duo Eyeshadows (€3.79):
010 Mars Attacks
030 Once In A Blue Moon
060 Knight Rider Is Calling
070 Double Espresso Macchiato, Please!
080 Help! I Am Stranded
090 Pink! Pink! Pink!

Absolute Eyeshadow Quattro Eyeshadow (€4.49):
010 The Season’s Must Have
020 Go Green – Take Me!

Smokey Eyes Set (€4.49):
020 Smog Over Hong Kong

Liquid Eyeliner (€3.79):
020 My Glammourized Me
030 I Am Golden Sandy
040 Go, Get Bronzed

Glamorous Mascara (€2.99):
010 Blackest Black

Our Best LENGTH Ever Mascara (€3.99):
010 Black

Our Best VOLUME Ever Mascara (€3.99):
010 Black

Eyeshadow Brush Applicator (€2.29)

Lip Appeal Moisture & Shine Lip Gloss (€3.79):
010 Daddy’s Girl
100 Red-y, Steady, Go!

Colour Show Colour & Stay Lip Gloss (€3.79):
040 Strike A Pose!
100 Sun Kissed
110 OohLaLaVendar

Ultimate Shine Lip Colour (€3.99):
020 Metal Dust
040 Berry Me!
070 It’s Robin Wood
100 Fall-ing Leaves
150 Berry Pink

Ultimate Colour Lip Colour (€3.99):
090 Like My High Heels
120 Call The Ambulance
170 After Work Wine

Matt Mousse Make-up (€4.99):
060 Sun Beige

Infinite Matt Make-up (€6.49):
050 Sun Beige

Defining Duo Blush (€3.49):
040 Chocolate Cream

Whew, that’s a lot! I’m very sad to see some of these products go.. Especially the nail polishes! 😦

Fortunately, we’ll get some amazing new products back! Let’s take a look 🙂

Prime And Fine Translucent Loose Powder (€5.49)

Defining Duo Blush (€3.49):
050 Apricot Smoothie

Ultimate Nail Lacquer (with new flat brush!) (€2.49):
240 Sold Out For Ever (new version)
280 London’s Weather Forecast (new version)
350 Hip Queens Wear Blue Jeans (repromote)
690 Fred Said Red
700 Birdy Reloaded!
710 Dulce & Havanna
720 Bruno Brownani
740 King Of Greens
770 Put Lavender On Agend
780 Welcome To Roosywood
790 The Pinky And The Brain
800 Heavy Metalliac
810 ACid/DC
820 Pimp My Shrimp
830 Salmon & Garfunkel
840 Genius In The Bottle
850 Aretha’s R-E-S-P-I-N-K
860 Browno Mars

As you can see, three well-known lacquers will make their comeback in the Catrice display! 😀 These colors will not be the same colors as before. They are reformulated!

Ultimate Nudes (€2.49):
070 Same Seine But Different
080 Sing: Oh, Champs-Élysé
090 Karl Says Très Chic

Absolute Eye Colour Mono Eyeshadows (€2.79):
450 Oh, It’s Toffeeful!
460 John Lemon
470 Golden Evergreen
480 Kiwi Wonder
490 Vanessa’s Paradise
500 Hip Hop On The Tree Top
510 In Love With Hulk
520 Bonnie & Cloud

Intensif’eye Wet & Dry Shadow (€3.79):
010 Black Or White Swan?
020 Charly’s Chocolate Factory
030 Vanilla Sky Ride
040 Have You Seen Alice?
050 Lunch At Tiffany’s
060 Brooke’s Blue Lagoon

Eye Colour Quattro Eyeshadow (€4.49):
050 Twinkle In The Eye
060 Rumble In The Jungle

Smokey Eyes Set (€4.49):
040 Billy Jeans
050 Love, Peas & Harmony

Smokey Eyes Brush (€2.79)

Volume Plus + Length Mascara (€3.49)

Volume Plus + Curl Mascara (€3.49)

Volume Plus + Waterproof Mascara (€3.49)

The Giant Extreme Volume Mascara (€4.49)

Eye Liner Pen (€2.99)
040 Black Grey
050 Black Blue
060 Black Green

Made To Stay Highlighter Pen (€3.79):
010 Eye Like!

Lip Appeal Moisture & Shine Lip Gloss (€3.79):
130 Neil’s Arms Are Strong
140 Juri Is GAGArin
150 Candyfornication

Colour Show Colour & Stay Lip Gloss (€3.79):
130 Flirty Fuchsia
140 Peach Boy

Ultimate Shine Lip Colour (€3.99):
190 Gentle Nude Is Back
200 Get The Nudes Paper!
210 Kiss Kiss Hibiskiss
220 Mrs. Brightside
230 The World’s Grapest

Ultimate Colour Lip Colour (€3.99):
190 The Nuder The Better
200 More Is More
210 Pinkadilly Circus

Pencil Sharpener (€ ? Probably 1.99)

Extra information:
January 13th: Catrice announced today that they changed the shape of the Ultimate Shine & Ultimate Colour lipsticks. In stead of those awkward curled top, they will be ‘cut off’ straight now. Great news, because the old shape was kind of a hassle to work with!

And that’s it! 😀 😀 😀 Awesome right? I’m soooo curious about the nail polishes! I love the new colors! I can’t wait to try out the new baked eyeshadows, as well! 😀 Unfortunately, I don’t know the actual names of all the new products, but once they will be released I’ll update this post.

This new Catrice collection will appear in Kruidvat & Trekpleister stores (The Netherlands) from February 2012.

Are you sad about the discontinued products? And what do you think about the new products? Tell me all about it in the comments!

Your beauty addict,

Source: Innen und Aussen, Lacquediction & Kosmetik Addicted


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