Collection: Essence Get BIG! Lashes

Mascara’s are a girl’s best friend! And therefor, Essence is coming out with a new Trend Edition, with three new mascara’s! Budget mascara’s are the best!

What Essence says:
All true beauty queens aspire to extreme, extraordinary and totally spectacular lashes! Of course, you need the ideal mascara to achieve this. From february 2012, Essence presents the latest generation of volume mascaras with the new Trend Edition “Get BIG! Lashes”. Together with the ultra-shaping formula, the innovative mega brushes unite the three most important features for great lashes: ultimate length? Guaranteed! Fabulous volume? Up to 7x more! Amazing buoyancy? As dynamic as a rollercoaster!

Let’s take a look 🙂

Volume Boost Mascara
What Essence says:
Volume, volume, volume! The Get BIG! Lashes Volume Boost Mascara offers added density and plenty of fill with each application for a dramatic and spectacular look. The fibers of the mega brush even reach the tiniest lashes and cover each individual lash without causing them to stick or feel heavy. The easy application ensures a breathtaking look in an instant!
Suggested retail price: €2.29

What Vanillaa says:
I love big mascara wands, so I would like to try this. I’m more fond of waterproof mascara, though.. So I’ll try the waterproof version!

Volume Boost Mascara Waterproof
What Essence says:
Ad romantic movies, tears of joy with the girls, sweaty athletic activities or a jump into cold water – the Get BIG! Lashes Volume Boost Mascara Waterproof is an ideal companion, no matter what the occasion! It offers perfect lashes without smudging and conjures-up mega volume de luxe – even when you dive into the pool! An absolutely reliable styling partner!
Suggested retail price: €2.49

What Vanillaa says:
Yep, I’ll try this. I’ve tried Essence mascara’s in the past, but they irritated my eyes. I hope this won’t!

Volume And Curl Mascara
What Essence says:
Things are about to get voluminous and sweeping with the Get BIG! Lashes Volume And Curl Mascara. Thanks to the unusual curved mega brush, your lashes are instantly captured and raised from root to tip – even with just one application. The magnificent flexion of the brush allows optimal contact with your lashes for fascinating curves and extreme volume in a heartbeat!
Suggested retail price: €2.29

What Vanillaa says:
For some reason, this doesn’t really tickle my fancy. I never tend to go for curved brushes, even though they might work well. Sad that this mascara doesn’t come in a waterproof formula too!

Extra information:
From this Summer 2012, all these mascara’s will become a part of Essence’s standard collection.

I like the packaging of the mascara’s, I like the bright details! I’ll try the new waterproof mascara, how can I resist at such a low price? I’m sad that this Trend Edition contains products that will become a part of Essence’s standard collection.. Why call it a Trend Edition then? I’m a little confused..

Essence Get BIG! Lashes is exclusively sold at Kruidvat (the Netherlands), from February 2012.

What is your favorite mascara? Do you like Essence mascara’s? Tell me about it in the comments!

❤ Natasja

Source: Essence & Wicked Skakid


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