Brand spanking new: Dutch Inglot webshop

Good afternoon!

Just a quick post to let my Dutch readers know that Inglot opened their webshop! Isn’t that totally awesome? They even sell the Zuca PRO Artist Case *dreams on* 😀 And they also sell products/colors that aren’t sold in ‘normal’ Dutch counters/stores. That’s awesome!

One drawback: if you want to use & buy the Inglot Freedom System, you have to pay the palette separately.. So it might be cheaper if you buy this in store, because you’ll get the palette for free!

You can pay via a credit card or iDeal. Shipping costs are €3.95, so that is very reasonable as well.

Happy shopping!

What are your favorite Inglot products?

❤ Natasja


6 thoughts on “Brand spanking new: Dutch Inglot webshop

  1. Whiiii! Al wacht ik braaf tot hij in Rotterdam komt (schijnen wel plannen te zijn voor een shop-in-shop), ik heb een oogschaduw palette maar wil er nog wel graag eentje! En kiezen in de winkel zelf blijft toch fijner 😉

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