Collection: Catrice feMALE

I’ve collected more information about Catrice’s new Limited Edition called feMALE. 🙂

What Catrice says:
The masculine dandy-look vs. feminine elegance – the Limited Edition “feMALE” by Catrice focuses on this strong yet exciting contrast. In February and March 2012, it whisks you away to historic factories and manufactories where loud machinery break the silence of the warehouses and high-quality handiworks are created. The colors of the trend edition reflect this combination of contrasts: three soft, feminine nude and apricot shades meet upon masculine silver, blue and grey. Casual boy-style mixed with feminine elegance. But beware: it’s a woman’s world!

And here are the products:

Eye Aquarelle Duo Chalks
What Catrice says:
An absolute innovation here at CATRICE: the first chalk for your eyes! Seductive and feminine paired with a purist, masculine design – the Eye Aquarelle Duo Chalks are fascinating with their unique chalk-like appearance with intensive color pigments and high coverage. Cool blue with bright silver, dark anthracite-grey with elegant mauve, shiny apricot with muted, masculine nude – it’s all about the special contrasts. An extraordinary and cool look is guaranteed! Available in 01 Love Me Gender, 02 Tomboy & 03 Boys Are Back.
Suggested retail price: €2.99

What Vanillaa says:
Interesting! Can’t wait to try these out.

Eye Aquarelle Applicators
What Catrice says:
A practical application: the Eye Aquarelle Applicators go with the three new Eye Aquarelle Duo Chalks. Now it is so easy to apply the colors from the chalk-cubes, nothing can stand in the way of your elegant, casual look. Available in a practical and stylish set ideal for when you are on the go.
Suggested retail price: €1.99

What Vanillaa says:
Nope, I hate sponge tip applicators.. Sorry 😀

Dip Powder Pen-Eyeshadow & Eyeliner
What Catrice says:
2 in 1 – Eyeshadow and eyeliner at the same time! The feMALE Dip Powder Pen-Eyeshadow & Liner has a powdery, soft texture that gives your eyes intense luminosity and an incredible expression. You can create a gorgeous smokey look around your eyes with the integrated sponge applicator, which is hidden inside the lid in a pressed form. Available in 01 So Suit.
Suggested retail price: €3.49

What Vanillaa says:
Innovative! I will definitely try this out in stores.

Mascara Topcoat
What Catrice says:
For special moments! The feMALE Mascara Topcoat is applied on top of mascara to give your lashes a touch of glitter and sparkle! With its silvery, metallic gel texture, it covers your lashes without feeling sticky for a particularly expressive effect. Wonderfully feminine yet boyishly easy-going. Available in 01 FEMIman.
Suggested retail price: €3.29

What Vanillaa says:
Glitter mascara, say what? That’s awesome 😀

Cream To Powder Blush
What Catrice says:
A bewitching combination of creaminess and a matt look: the feMALE Cream to Powder Blush. Thanks to its creamy texture, the blush can easily be applied using your fingers, leaving behind a soft, silky feeling. Despite its smoothness and the creamy texture, a powdery effect settles on your cheeks for a fresh and natural look par excellence! Available in 01 A Woman’s World.
Suggested retail price: €3.49

What Vanillaa says:
Curious about the color, pigmentation & texture!

Lip Balm Tubes
Available in 01 A Woman’s World & 02 Nude.
Suggested retail price: €3.49

What Vanillaa says:
Hmm, I’m not really interested in Lip Balms ATM..

Soft Touch Ultimate Nail Lacquer
What Catrice says:
Ultimate long-lasting texture, ultimate coverage, ultimate intensity – with an ultimate soft touch feel! Underline your feminine look with warm apricot and nude shades or go for a masculine blue and fascinating silver-grey as a stylish contrast. The range of colors for the FeMALE Nail Lacquers is sure to complement every make-up look and the special matt soft touch feeling offers a feminine, graceful touch. The new extra-broad brush guarantees an even more professional color application on your entire nail with just one stroke of the brush. Available in 01 A Woman’s World, 02 Nude, 03 Who Are Blue? & 04 So Suit!.
Suggested retail price: €2.49

What Vanillaa says:
Matte nail polishes! Can’t wait to see swatches, I especially like the blue-purple (blurple) one. 🙂

Hmm, I think I like it. I’m curious about some products (Eye Aquarelle Duo Chalks, Cream To Powder Blush & Soft Touch Nail Lacquer), but this isn’t a collection that make me goes: “WOW! :|” The colors are a little bit cool, in my opinion and I also don’t really like the packaging, I think it doesn’t fit the theme very well..

Catrice feMALE is exclusively sold at Kruidvat and Trekpleister (the Netherlands), from mid-March until April 2012.

How do you feel about this collection? Are you curious about the new Nail Lacquers as well?

❤ Natasja

Source: Catrice & Magimania


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