Review: Golden Rose Powder Blush & Pearl Gloss Lipgloss

Today I have a review for you! This review is going to be about some Golden Rose makeup, that I was fortunate enough to test out! I was really curious about the quality of Golden Rose makeup, since I really really like their flakie & holographic nail polishes!

Let’s start 😀

About Golden Rose
Golden Rose Cosmetics is a well known European makeup line, developed by Erkul Cosmetics, one of Europe’s leading cosmetic companies. We offer a huge selection of products ranging from eyeshadows, foundations, lipsticks & lip glosses … to mascaras, eyeliners, nail care, & much more! All of our products have amazing pigmentation that comes in all sorts of fashionable colors and finishes. Glittery, shimmering, glossy, shiny, you name it… we got it! Because we believe that “beauty shouldn’t break the bank”, we offer high quality products that come in elegant packaging, for an inexpensive price. Our line is perfect for every girl or woman, but also great for Professional Makeup artists as well.

Let’s take a look at the first product I tested 🙂

Powder Blush – 07 Tan Glow
What Golden Rose says:
This unique Powder Blush makes sure your skin has a glowy and healthy look, due to it’s special texture and and easy application. Powder Blush can be used on every skin- and makeup color, thanks to its large color selection.
Suggested retail price: €8.95

What Vanillaa says:
The Powder Blush came in a sturdy, golden colored, cardboard packaging. Its details are a mixed matte & shiny print. Looks quite nice 😀 The Powder Blush is pressed into a neat packaging. I really like the look & feel of this packaging. It feels sturdy and it’s nice & compact. The Golden Rose ‘trademark’ GR is pressed into the blush, it looks good! On the back you can find the product name/color, its ingredients and its content in grams and US ounces. The blush contains 7g/0,25oz of product.

The blush has such a pretty color! it’s like a warm, earthy kind of color. On your skin, the blush looks matte, but you can see some very(!) subtle shimmer in the pan. The blush has a nice texture, not too hard and not too soft either. You know those blushes that will crumble all over the place once you first touch it with a brush? Well, this won’t happen with this blush, fortunately 😉 The blush smells like nothing really, it doesn’t contain any perfume. The product has is easily blendable, and has great color payoff. This means you have to be careful with applying it though, so don’t pick up too much with your brush! The blush will stay put on your face the whole day, I noticed minimal fading of the color throughout the day.

As I mentioned earlier in this review, this blush is suitable for everybody who likes warm, earthy colors as blush colors! I think this blush won’t show up as much if you’ve got very dark skin, but then again, you can always check out the other colors, since there are nine other shades available! 😉

– The color(s), packaging, texture and longevity!
– Price

– Availability (only available online or at certain beauty centers)

Okay, now let’s take a look at the next product 🙂

Pearl Gloss Lipgloss – 04
What Golden Rose says:
The Pearl Gloss Lipgloss creates a pearly, ultra glossy look on the lips, thanks to its innovative texture – high shine, normal coverage. Pearl Gloss Lipgloss nourishes and hydrates your lips with shea butter and powerful anti-oxidants (vitamin E). You can also use this product as an extra layer on top of your lipstick.
Suggested retail price: €7.95

What Vanillaa says:
Oh really, I can also use this on top of a lipstick?! 😛 Sorry, this made me laugh 😀
I don’t really like the packaging on this, but I’m having a hard time to define why.. It’s a very small (about a finger length), clear plastic tube, with golden details. I’m disappointed that the gloss doesn’t have a name, only a number. The blush dóes have a name, so why not name all your products? The gloss contains 8 ml/0.27 fl. oz. The cap twists off. The applicator is huge, and it holds a lot of product. What I dó like about the applicator though, is that it is a little flexible, which makes it feel quite nice on the lips.

Let me tell you, this product smells sweet! Whew! Like sour candy. I don’t really like this, reminds me of those flavored balms/glosses I used to use when I was little. The color is pretty, a nice soft pink color with some shimmer. There are 9 other colors available! The color pay off isn’t really impressing, you won’t see much color on your lips. It’s shines beautifully though and the shimmer is very nice too. Too bad you can feel the shimmers on your lips a little, it’s like very fine sandpaper.. 😦 The consistency is nice, it’s not too sticky, but it stays put for a good two hours on me. It does transfer easily when you eat/drink something.

I think this gloss is suitable for someone who is looking for a lot of shine, without the stickiness and without a lot of color.

– The non-stickiness and shine
– Price

– The scent (in my opinion, you may like it ;))
– Bad color pay off
– Texture (I hate feeling grittiness in a lip gloss)
– Packaging (looks a bit cheap in my opinion)
– Availability (only available online or at certain beauty centers)

Left: Powder Blush – 07 Tan Glow, Right: Pearl Gloss Lipgloss – 04 swatched on my very fair skin.

Pearl Gloss Lipgloss – 04 swatched on my lips.

Final thoughts
As positive that I am about the blush, I don’t really like the lip gloss. I also think they should update their packaging a little, since it looks a little outdated IMHO.. The prices of the products are great though! I would really like it, if this brand would be available in local drugstores too!

Golden Rose make-up is available via this Dutch webshop.

Have you tried Golden Rose makeup? Do you like their products?

❤ Natasja

This review contains products sent for consideration by PR.

Source: Golden Rose’s Facebook


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