Collection: Essence Fruity

I love fruits, they’re sweet, fresh, healthy and YUMMY 😀 I especially love kiwis and oranges. This spring, Essence is surprising us with a new, healthy look: Essence Fruity Trend Edition!

What Essence says:
Cherry, apricot, kiwi – fruit, smoothies & co. are all the rage this spring and put us in the mood for a colorful summer. The new Essence Trend Edition “Fruity” is fruity-fresh and creamy-seductive as it presents itself with a powerful cocktail of colors containing strawberries, bananas, kiwis, oranges and berries of the forest in april 2012. Wonderful sorbet colors and gentle textures for your eyes, lips and face guarantee high spirits in springtime!

The products 😀

Eyeshadow Sorbet
What Essence says:
Sorbet for your eyelids! The Eyeshadow Sorbet has a delicate mousse texture in fabulous, fresh spring colors. It is easy to apply and ensures beautiful moments…
Available in 01 Peach Beauty, 02 Banana Joe & 03 One Kiwi A Day…
Suggested retail price: €2.79

Vanillaa’s thoughts:
These look incredibly cool! I can’t wait to try these out, the colors look so spring-y & nice! I especially like the green one.

Lip Balm
What Essence says:
Hmmmm, yummy! This lipbalm is available in two fruity flavours and colors to pamper your lips with the delicious taste of spring.
Available in 01 Peach Beauty & 02 Very Cherry.
Suggested retail price: €1.99

Vanillaa’s thoughts:
Hmm, another lip balm? Really?! I wonder if these are tinted..? I bet they’ll smell nice!

Blush Sorbet
What Essence says:
A boost of freshness for a gorgeous finish: the blush with a sorbet texture perfectly complements your early summer fruity look with an intense pink-red shade. Simply dab the airy and light formula on your cheeks with your fingertips and your natural look is done!
Available in 01 Smoothie Operator.
Suggested retail price: €2.79

Vanillaa’s thoughts:
I wonder if this is the same formula as the new, standard collection, blush soufflés. I think the pink/red tone might be a little overdone for my fair complexion, but we’ll see.

Nail Polish
What Essence says:
Wanted: fruity colors! as colorful and shimmering as springtime – these five good mood colors bring the loveliest season of the year to your nails! An absolute must-have for the fruity spring look.
Available in 01 Banana Joe, 02 Peach Beauty, 03 Very Cherry, 04 One Kiwi A Day… & 05 Mashed Berries.
Suggested retail price: €1.79

Vanillaa’s thoughts:
Wow, those creamy nail polish with glitter in them look super-duper-mega awesome!! *drools* So original, too! Must get these, as a nail polish fanatic 😀 I like the happy, spring-y, fresh colors!

Scented Top Coat
What Essence says:
Strawberry fantastic! The scented top coat is super fruity and gives your nails a seductive fresh strawberry scent.
Available in – what else- 01 Smells Like Strawberry…
Suggested retail price: €1.99

Nail Art Sealing Top Coat
What Essence says:
The crowning glory for fruity nail design! Simply apply the nail art sealing top coat after styling your nails for long-lasting results.
Available in 01 Stay Fruity.
Suggested retail price: €1.99

Vanillaa’s thoughts:
Hmmm scented top coat? No thanks. By then, I’ll be intoxicated by the fumes of the other 3 layers of nail polish, anyway 😛 😛 I don’t really like the original Nail Art Sealing Top Coat, it doesn’t really dry on me. I guess this product is the same thing.

Nail Fruits
What Essence says:
Cheeky little fruits on your nails – the absolute eye-catcher of the season! You can decorate your nails in a matter of seconds with these trendy designs. Super-easy to apply thanks to the included nail glue. The ultimate must-have for all nail fashionistas this spring.
Available in 01 Fruit Punch To Go.
Suggested retail price: €1.99

Vanillaa’s thoughts:
Sliced fruit fimo canes! Awesome, so spring- and summer-y 😀

Overall thoughts
This collection makes me sooo happy and sooo ready for spring/summer. Bring it on! Awesome collection, Essence!

Essence Fruity will appear in Kruidvat stores (The Netherlands) from mid-April to May 2012.

What is your favorite kind of fruit? Do you like Essence’s new Trend Edition?

❤ Natasja

Source: Essence & Today’s Beauty


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