Collection: Catrice Upper WILDside

Catrice is coming out with a new limited edition, called Upper WILDside!

This collection leads you to the world of prairies with a city-esque flair. A sophisticated lifestyle is being connected to the desire of freedom and a hunt for adventure. This contrast is being reflected by the colors of this collection: warm, natural hues such as brown, beige, refreshing warm red and orange opposed to daring blue and green. Indian look vs. urban style: wild, but still sophisticated.

Long-lasting Cream Eyeshadow € 3.39
This cream eyeshadow promises to have a good staying power, due to a special ‘flock’ applicator. I’m not very fond of the colors, but I am a little excited to try the red color.
Available in C01 Be Aztec!, C02 Urban Outrider en C03 The Place To Be: Prairie.

Lip Gloss Stick € 3.89
This lip gloss stick with a gel texture promises to be transparent, feel nice on your lips and to even out your lips. I’m not really fond of transparent lip colors, but I’ll may be convinced when they have an amazing shine 😉
Available in C01 Wild, Wild West-side en C02 Red Rocks!

Sun Teint Bronzing Gel € 3.99
This is a shimmering bronzing gel, for bronzing and evening out your face and/or body. This doesn’t contain any self tanner ingrediënts, so you’re able to wash it right off at night. This product doesn’t really appeal to me, because I never use any bronzing products on my skin.

Ultimate Nail Lacquer € 2.59
These polishes have a suede finish, so they dry semi-matte. I don’t really like matte nail polish, so I think I’ll skip these. But wait: maybe they’ll look pretty with a shiny top coat.. Oh temptations 😛
Available in C01 Be Aztec!, C02 Hunting Heritage, C03 Urban Outrider, C04 Wild, Wild West-side en C05 Red Rocks!

Suede Beauty Bag € 3.59
This cosmetic bag looks super cute, I must admit. Although I won’t be purchasing this, because I just got a new makeup bag and this one isn’t really my style.

Overall thoughts
Mweh, this collection isn’t really my cup of tea. The products aren’t really innovating IMHO and the colors are not my style. I need to see it in person though, maybe I’ll like it eventually.

Upper WILDside by Catrice will appear in Kruidvat & Trekpleister stores (The Netherlands) from September 2012 to end October 2012.

How do you feel about this sophisticated collection? Let me know in the comments.

Natasja ❤

Source & image rights: Cosnova


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