About Natasja

Hi there!

About me
My name is Natasja, I’m 22 years old and I live in Steenwijk. That’s a very small city in the north of the Netherlands. I still live at home, with my parents.

Education & work
After I graduated from high school, I started with an education to become a primary school teacher. This wasn’t really my thing, so I quit after the first year. After that I started the education to become a beautician and this was so much fun! I graduated in July ’11.

Currently I’m unemployed, unfortunately. 😦 My biggest dream is to make money with my biggest passion: doing makeup. I would really like to work for MAC Cosmetics, one of my favorite makeup brands. 😀

I have lots of hobbies, but my biggest one is music. I love to listen to it and I also love to sing, but since I’m not very good at it, I will save you the details LOL! I like all kinds of music, but I especially love to listen to R&B. I’m a big fan of Michael Jackson, Usher, Adele, Beyoncé Knowles and Alicia Keys. I also like some Spanish music!

I love watching movies, mostly the scary ones! The scarier, the better 😉 I also like some drama, though. My favorite movies are The Green Mile, Crash, the Twilight saga and the Saw saga. My favorite TV series is The Vampire Diaries! I like vampires in general: Edward, Damon, Stefan.. It doesn’t matter to me 😀

I have a very strong bond with my family and friends. I love spending time with them. I love & cherish them!

My biggest passion in life is one you wouldn’t guess: beauty! Yeah, such a surprise, huh? 😉 I’ve been active for a few years on the internet and I have learned so much from all the blogs, forums, YouTube tutorials and other websites I’ve visited. The information & fun I’ve gathered throughout the years.. I want to share this with you! This is why I’ve created this blog. I hope you like it as much as I do 😉

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Natasja ❤