Blog sale

Hello everyone,

Welcome to my (updated) blog sale. I have too much stuff, and I don’t use it all. It’s such a shame, because I really love these products, but I’d rather make someone happy with them, so that they can get actual USE out of the products 😉

If you like something, please let me know in the comments or email me! I’ll reply a.s.a.p. with shipping rates etc. Don’t forget to read the ‘rules’ before contacting me 🙂


  • Prices are negotiable, so please contact me, if you want to ‘make me an offer I can’t refuse’ 😉
  • All prices exclude shipping costs! I only ship within the Netherlands. I use PostNL rates to calculate the shipping costs.
  • Please let me know in the comments and/or via email if you are interested in any product(s). Don’t forget to add your legit email address in the comment. Your email address will only be visible to me, but it is important so that I can contact you back via your email address.
  • Remember: first-come, first-served! 🙂 If the initial buyer doesn’t reply to me within 48 hours, I won’t hold the product(s) any longer for that person.
  • Payment must be made within 48 hours, via bank/PayPal.
  • I have cleaned & disinfected all items with alcohol.
  • I’ll wrap the items carefully and send them in a bubble wrap envelope.
  • I won’t be held responsible for any errors made by PostNL (broken products/missing packages)! Once the package is out of my hands, I can’t do anything to fix it.. Unfortunately 😦
  • There are no returns/exchanges/refunds.

Now, let’s take a look at the products, happy shopping!


Pigment samples – most 1/4 ts, all swatched once. €1 each
Dark Soul
Quick Frost
Frost SOLD
White SOLD
Gold (frost)
Genuine Orange
Gold Stroke SOLD
Tea Time
Mauvement SOLD
Deep Brown
Circa Plum SOLD
Spiritualize SOLD
Gilded Green
Blue Storm SOLD
Azreal Blue
Cool Pink
Lovely Lily SOLD
Viz-a-Violet SOLD
French Violet SOLD
Quietly SOLD
Rich Purple SOLD
Entremauve SOLD
Sunpepper SOLD
Pink Matte
All Girl

Eyeliner Pencils:
Pearlglide Eyeliner – Black Russian (used as seen on picture) €10.00
Pearlglide Intense Eyeliner – Black Line (used as seen on picture) €10.00
Kohl Power Pencil – Sense Of Style (used as seen on picture) €10.50 SOLD

Slimshine Ultra-Elegant(usage as shown in picture) €5.00


Dark Deed (Amplified) (swatched once) €11.00

Lipglass – So This Season (swatched once) €11.00


Colour Show Lipgloss – 070 Light My Fire (used 3 times) €1.00
Colour Show Lipgloss – 060 Little Red Dress (used 2 times) €1.00 SOLD
Duo Lipgloss Limited Edition (Welcome To Las Vegas collection) -C01 Lovely Sinner (swatched once) €1.50 SOLD

Lipstick – Limited Edition (Expect The Unexpected collection) C03 Purposely Purple (used once) €0.50

Lipstick – Limited Edition (Purple Passion collection) C03 Deep Purple (used once) €0.50

Lipstick – Limited Edition (Colours Of The Ocean) C02 Ocean Sunrise (used a few times) €0.50

Absolute Moisture Lipstick – 160 Dark Rosewood DISC. (used twice) €1.00
Absolute Moisture Lipstick – 110 Gentle Beige DISC. (used once) €1.25


Mega Shine Lipgloss – Crystal Soda (used twice) €1.00

Round Lipsticks:

Christie (used twice) €1.00

Indian Pink (used once) €1.25


Couleur Caramel Natural Make Up foundation stick – lightest color 158 551 1261 (used twice) €9.00

MAX Lips (Action) Lipstick – DLC-001 Silky Nude (swatched once) €0.25
MAX Lips (Action) Lipstick – DLC-020 Fabulous Orange (swatched once) €0.25 

Essence Make-up To Match – 010 Light (used once) €1.50

Rimmel Vinyl Gloss – 530 Starlet (swatched once) €1.00

I saved a couple of things which I used during my education (beautician).

Brush/instrument roll – towel fabric, can be folded, rolled & knotted with a strap, as shown in above pictures. Including brushes: face, blush, sponge tip applicator, big, small and medium eyeshadow, eyeliner, lip and brow/lash comb. (carefully used) €10

Make-up Studio blush & eyeshadow palette – including 4 blush and 7 eyeshadow colors, which can be refilled. One spot is empty, due to dropping the refill. The palette looks really dirty on the first picture, but it’s clean, I promise! (carefully used) €10

Make-up Studio eyeshadow palette (carefully used) €12.50

Nail Polish

56 – Green (used once) €6.50
45 – Orange (used once) €6.50 SOLD

Princesses Rule! – left (used twice) €4.50 SOLD
Rosy Future – right (used once) €4.75 SOLD
Glamour Game (used a few times) €4.00

It’s Not Rocket Science (used twice) €4.50

China Glaze:

Tinsel – top (used a few times) €3.50
Treasure Chest – bottom (used once) €3.75 SOLD

Tie The Knot – middle (used once) €3.75
V – right (used once) €3.75

GR8 (swatched once) VHTF €10

Copper Rulez! – Metallics collection (magnetic polish) (swatched once) €2

Catrice – Soft Coral (Nude Sensation collection) (used once) €2
HEMA Miss Helen – Black nail polish (no name) (used twice) €0.50

Broadway Nail Art Set (BNIB, but is a couple of years old) €2

Golden Rose Scale Effect – 10 (swatched once) €2

MNY – 445 DISC (swatched once) €1.50

Catrice – Limited Edition (Bohemia) C01 Yes, You Tan! (used once) €1.25

You can always contact me for additional information and/or pictures.

Natasja ❤


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