On this page I collected a LOT of blogs. I love them all and they deserve to be visited by you! Please take a look (if you have some spare time, or something like that lol!) and have fun!

Beauty bloggers
15 Steps, Then A Beauty Blog
A Beauty Junkie In London
A Brilliant Brunette
A Pretty Beautiful Life (Dutch)
Addicted To All Things Pretty
A Full Beat
A Shot Of Beauty (Dutch)
All The Girlie Things
Andrea’s Choice
Annigje’s Blog (Dutch)
Awilda Hearts Makeup
Blogsale NL (Dutch)
Barbiepop (Dutch)
Beautyscene (Dutch)
Beauty Before Breakfast
Beauty Broadcast
Beauty Bitten
Beauty Freak (Dutch)
Beautylab (Dutch)
Beauty By Mama Laura
Beauty Junkies Unite
Beauty Koning (Dutch)
Beauty Nails Fun (Dutch)
Beauty & More (German)
Beauty Snob
Beauty Addicts (Dutch)
Beauty Blog Astrid (Dutch)
Beautyfreaksz (Dutch)
Beautygloss (Dutch)
Beauty Goddess (Dutch)
Beautyill (Dutch)
Beauty Loves (Dutch)
Beauty Polish (Dutch)
Beauty’s Bad Habit
Beauty Spot
Beautytreat (Dutch)
Bella Makeup Artist
Bella Sugar
Be Today (Dutch)
Bloggin’ Beauties (Dutch)
Blooming Beauty Blog
Body & Soul Beauty
Bows And Curtseys
Bubz Beauty
By Aranka (Dutch)
By Sjanty (Dutch)
Candy Killerr
Catanya’s Things
CherryFizz (Dutch)
Cherry Blush (Dutch)
CherryFizz (Dutch)
Confessions Of A Makeup Addict
Curvacious (Dutch)
Deez (Dutch)
Delta Cephei (Dutch)
Diva Of Geneva (Dutch)
Don’t Call Me Jessie
Dreams, Colors And Glitter
Dulce Candy
Dyna’s Random Blog
Ebrushka’s Makeup Bag
Everything Bobbi
Everything Tim (Dutch)
Eye Adore Pretty
Fabulously Beautiful (Dutch)
Faces By Sarah
Filthy Gorgeous Makeup
Frag Die Guru’s (German)
From Head To Toe
Glam Beauty (Dutch)
Glam Morena
Goldbeauty88’s Makeup Blog
Hanna Ogren (Swedish)
Helen Torsgården
Heidi Oksendal
Hey, Dollface!
Holly Ann-AeRee
Honest Beauty
Honey And Milk (German)
I Am Nymphette
Innen & Aussen (German)
It’s Judy Time
Joliette (Dutch)
Karla Sugar
Katie’s Beauty Blog
Kellista (Dutch)
Killer Colours
Kizzy Online
Kosmetik Addicted (German)
Kraaiennest (Dutch)
Lady Danger Makeup
Lauren Clark
Life Splash (Dutch)
Linda’s Sminkblogg
Lisa Eldridge
Live Life Gorgeous (Dutch)
Lotte Loves Beauty (Dutch)
Love That Makeup
Lucky Kat Blog (Dutch)
Luna Soeth
MAC Karrie
Madam Lotte (Dutch)
Made Up By Mien (Dutch)
Makeup And Beauty
Makeup By Alli
Makeup By Celly
Makeup Cake (Dutch)
Makeup And Beauty Blog
Makeup By RenRen
Makeup For Life
Makeup Geek
Makeup Your Jangsara
Makeup By Tiffany D
Makeup Loveer
Makeup N Me
Met Et Fel (German)
Memoirs Of A Shopping Addict
Miss Langhaar (Dutch)
Miss Lipgloss (Dutch)
Miss Chievous
Miss Murphy (Dutch)
Miss Natty’s Beauty Diary
Musings Of A Muse
My Lips But Better
Nessasary Makeup
Nicola VC86
Nikkie Tutorials
Of Faces And Fingers
Oh My Gosh (Dutch)
Ommorphia Beauty Bar
Padmita’s Makeup Blog
Pearls & Poodles
Pink Sensation (Dutch)
Pinky Polish (Dutch)
Polish & Pearls
Pretty Happy (Dutch)
Samantha Schuerman
Silhouette Screams
Silly Sil Sil (Dutch)
Snowwhite Glamour (Dutch)
Something Super Beautiful (Dutch)
Some Like That
SupKetchup (Dutch)
Tasilo (Dutch)
Teddlicious (Dutch)
The Art Is Makeup
The Beauty Bite
The Beauty Brat
The Beauty Department
The Beauty Look Book
The Fancy Face
The Glamorous Gleam
The Makeup Blogger
The Makeup Girl
The Sunday Girl
Tina Marie Online
Tura Mania
Une Mademoiselle (Dutch)
Unique Style (Dutch)
Vampy Varnish
Vario Lavera
Vera Camilla (Dutch)
Vintage Or Tacky
Viva Glam x3
Vivianna Does Makeup
What A Beauty (Dutch)
Wicked Skakid (Dutch)
WWD Beauty News
Xibalba’s Blog (Dutch)
Zoffe’s Makeup

Fashion bloggers
After Style Comes Fashion
After DRK
Connected To Fashion
Come Over To The Dark Side, We Have Candy
Fashion Is A Party
Fashion Squad
Fashion Toast
Fashion Nerdic
Gabi Fresh
Jay Miranda
Karla’s Closet
Le Blog De Betty
Style Guide (Dutch)
Style Scrapbook
The Blonde Salad
The Cherry Blossom Girl
This Chick’s Got Style

Lifestyle bloggers
Alyssaa (Dutch)
Annemerel (Dutch)
Beautygloss Persoonlijke Blog (Dutch)
BlogMop (Dutch)
Perfect Bucket List – Before I Die
Can You Stay For Dinner?
Culy (Dutch)
Dear Photograph
Fotografille (Dutch)
Ikea Hackers
Jennifer Elbert (Dutch)
Kim Kardashian’s Blog
Kittehs Cupcakes (Dutch)
Lisanne Leeft (Dutch)
Simply Marlena
Never Seconds
Noekster In The City (Dutch)
Oh, Fashion! (Dutch)
Pauline, punt. (Dutch)
Pretty (Dutch)
Simply Suzy
Snakes In The Basket (Dutch)
Style Today (Dutch)
The Beauty Blossoms (Dutch)
Teskuh (Dutch)
Today’s Beauty (Dutch)
The Colours Of Magic (Dutch)
WayMadi (Dutch)
Zoet-zuur (Dutch)

Nail bloggers
Alizarine Claws
All Lacquered Up
All You Desire
Also Known As…
ANOTHER Bottle Of Polish?!
Chalkboard Nails
Cherry Plum Sky (Dutch)
Copy That, Copy Cat
Coewless Nail Polish Blog
Day Loves Colours
Emerald Sparkled
Fashion Polish
Freaky Nails
Glitta Gloves
Goose’s Glitter
I Love Nail Polish
I’m Feeling Nail-Venturous
Ivana Thinks Pink
La Passion Des Ongles
Lacky Nails
Let Them Have Polish
Loodie Loodie Loodie
Love Varnish
Makeup My Lack
Manicure Addict
Nailin’ It
Polish Art Addiction
Nails Beautiqued
Nails By KattiePL
Nail Polish Wars
OMG! Polish ’em!
Oooh, Shinies!
Playing With Polish
Polish Obsessed
Polish Or Perish
Prim And Polished
Robin Moses Nail Art
Rebecca Likes Nails
Simply Rins
Spektor’s Nails
Steph’s Closet
The Daily Nail
The Daily Varnish
The Edge Of Sanity
The Manicured Monkey
The Nail Buff
The Nail Network
The Nail Phile
The Polish Effect (Dutch)
The Polished Perfectionist
The Polish-Aholic
The Swatchaholic
You Nailed It!
You’ve Got Nail

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