NOTD: China Glaze Pool Party

I found a new nail polish love: China Glaze Pool Party! It’s a very nice neon pink/coral color, which makes you look very tanned. I know, I know.. There is some VNL, but I promise you it wasn’t as obvious IRL! 😉

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Collection: MAC Cosmetics Marilyn Monroe collection

Eeeeekk I just found this amazing information about MAC’s Marilyn Monroe collection at The Sunday Girl.

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Blog sale

Hello everyone,

Welcome to my (updated) blog sale. I have too much stuff, and I don’t use it all. It’s such a shame, because I really love these products, but I’d rather make someone happy with them, so that they can get actual USE out of the products 😉

If you like something, please let me know in the comments or email me! I’ll reply a.s.a.p. with shipping rates etc. Don’t forget to read the ‘rules’ before contacting me 🙂


  • Prices are negotiable, so please contact me, if you want to ‘make me an offer I can’t refuse’ 😉
  • All prices exclude shipping costs! I only ship within the Netherlands. I use PostNL rates to calculate the shipping costs.
  • Please let me know in the comments and/or via email if you are interested in any product(s). Don’t forget to add your legit email address in the comment. Your email address will only be visible to me, but it is important so that I can contact you back via your email address.
  • Remember: first-come, first-served! 🙂 If the initial buyer doesn’t reply to me within 48 hours, I won’t hold the product(s) any longer for that person.
  • Payment must be made within 48 hours, via bank/PayPal.
  • I have cleaned & disinfected all items with alcohol.
  • I’ll wrap the items carefully and send them in a bubble wrap envelope.
  • I won’t be held responsible for any errors made by PostNL (broken products/missing packages)! Once the package is out of my hands, I can’t do anything to fix it.. Unfortunately 😦
  • There are no returns/exchanges/refunds.

Now, let’s take a look at the products, happy shopping!


Pigment samples – most 1/4 ts, all swatched once. €1 each
Dark Soul
Quick Frost
Frost SOLD
White SOLD
Gold (frost)
Genuine Orange
Gold Stroke SOLD
Tea Time
Mauvement SOLD
Deep Brown
Circa Plum SOLD
Gilded Green
Blue Storm SOLD
Azreal Blue
Cool Pink
Lovely Lily
French Violet
Rich Purple
Sunpepper SOLD
Pink Matte
All Girl

Paintpot – Artifact (used 3 times) €12.50

Fluidline – Dark Diversion (used once) €12.50

Eyeliner Pencils:
Pearlglide Eyeliner – Black Russian (used as seen on picture) €10.00
Pearlglide Intense Eyeliner – Black Line (used as seen on picture) €10.00
Kohl Power Pencil – Sense Of Style (used as seen on picture) €10.50


Scant (usage as shown in picture) €5.00

Ultra-Elegant(usage as shown in picture) €5.00

Lap Of Luxury – middle (used once) €10.00

Mineralize Skinfinish – Porcelain Pink (used a few times) €15.00


Total Wow (Glaze) (used 2/3 times) €10.00

All’s Fair (Lustre) (used a few times) €7.50

Dark Deep (Amplified) (swatched once) €11.00

Dazzleglass Crème – Soft Dazzle (swatched once) €12.50

Lipglass – So This Season (swatched once) €11.00


Absolute Eye Colour – Swimming With Dolphins (used twice) €0.50

Colour Show Lipgloss – 070 Light My Fire (used 3 times) €1.00
Colour Show Lipgloss – 060 Little Red Dress (used 2 times) €1.00
Duo Lipgloss Limited Edition (Welcome To Las Vegas collection) -C01 Lovely Sinner (swatched once) €1.50

Lipstick – Limited Edition (Expect The Unexpected collection) C03 Purposely Purple (used once) €0.50

Lipstick – Limited Edition (Purple Passion collection) C03 Deep Purple (used once) €0.50

Lipstick – Limited Edition (Purple Passion collection) C02 Berry (used once) €0.50

Lipstick – Limited Edition (Urban Baroque collection) C01 Marie Antoinette (used 2/3 times) €0.50

Absolute Moisture Lipstick – 160 Dark Rosewood DISC. (used twice) €1.00
Absolute Moisture Lipstick – 110 Gentle Beige DISC. (used once) €1.25
Absolute Moisture Lipstick – 070 Luxury Red DISC. (used once) €1.25 


Mega Shine Lipgloss – Crystal Soda (used twice) €1.00

Round Lipsticks:

Christie (used twice) €1.00

Indian Pink (used once) €1.25


Couleur Caramel Natural Make Up foundation stick – lightest color 158 551 1261 (used twice) €9.00

MAX Lips (Action) Lipstick – DLC-001 Silky Nude (swatched once) €0.25
MAX Lips (Action) Lipstick – DLC-020 Fabulous Orange (swatched once) €0.25 

HEMA Longer Lasting Lipstick – 14 (used once) €1.00

Essence Make-up To Match – 010 Light (used once) €1.50

Ardell Brow Defining Powder – Mink Brown (used a few times) €1.00

Rimmel Vinyl Gloss – 530 Starlet (swatched once) €1.00

I saved a couple of things which I used during my education (beautician).

Brush/instrument roll – towel fabric, can be folded, rolled & knotted with a strap, as shown in above pictures. Including brushes: face, blush, sponge tip applicator, big, small and medium eyeshadow, eyeliner, lip and brow/lash comb. (carefully used) €10

Make-up Studio blush & eyeshadow palette – including 4 blush and 7 eyeshadow colors, which can be refilled. One spot is empty, due to dropping the refill. The palette looks really dirty on the first picture, but it’s clean, I promise! (carefully used) €10

Make-up Studio eyeshadow palette (carefully used) €12.50

Nail Polish

56 – Green (used once) €6.50
45 – Orange (used once) €6.50

Princesses Rule! – left (used twice) €4.50 RESERVED
Rosy Future – right (used once) €4.75
Glamour Game (used a few times) €4.00

It’s Not Rocket Science (used twice) €4.50

China Glaze:
Midnight Ride – left (used once) €3.75
Pink Rox-E – right (used a few times) €3.50 RESERVED

Tinsel – top (used a few times) €3.50
Treasure Chest – bottom (used once) €3.75

Tie The Knot – middle (used once) €3.75
V – right (used once) €3.75

Harmony – (swatched once) €3.75
Magical – (swatched once) €3.75
Robitika – (swatched once) €3.75
Awaken – (swatched once) €3.75
Joy – (swatched once) €3.75

GR8 (swatched once) VHTF €10

Copper Rulez! – Metallics collection (magnetic polish) (swatched once) €2
Unknown color (used once) €0.50

Nail Art Sealing Top Coat (used once) €0.50

Catrice – Soft Coral (Nude Sensation collection) (used once) €2
HEMA Miss Helen – Black nail polish (no name) (used twice) €0.50
Mavala – Paris (used once) €2

Broadway Nail Art Set (BNIB, but is a couple of years old) €2

Trind Cuticle Remover (used once with clean q-tips) €4

Golden Rose Scale Effect – 10 (swatched once) €2

MNY – 445 DISC (swatched once) €1.50

You can always contact me for additional information and/or pictures.

❤ Natasja

Collection: Essence Fruity

I love fruits, they’re sweet, fresh, healthy and YUMMY 😀 I especially love kiwis and oranges. This spring, Essence is surprising us with a new, healthy look: Essence Fruity Trend Edition!

What Essence says:
Cherry, apricot, kiwi – fruit, smoothies & co. are all the rage this spring and put us in the mood for a colorful summer. The new Essence Trend Edition “Fruity” is fruity-fresh and creamy-seductive as it presents itself with a powerful cocktail of colors containing strawberries, bananas, kiwis, oranges and berries of the forest in april 2012. Wonderful sorbet colors and gentle textures for your eyes, lips and face guarantee high spirits in springtime!

The products 😀

Eyeshadow Sorbet
What Essence says:
Sorbet for your eyelids! The Eyeshadow Sorbet has a delicate mousse texture in fabulous, fresh spring colors. It is easy to apply and ensures beautiful moments…
Available in 01 Peach Beauty, 02 Banana Joe & 03 One Kiwi A Day…
Suggested retail price: €2.79

Vanillaa’s thoughts:
These look incredibly cool! I can’t wait to try these out, the colors look so spring-y & nice! I especially like the green one.

Lip Balm
What Essence says:
Hmmmm, yummy! This lipbalm is available in two fruity flavours and colors to pamper your lips with the delicious taste of spring.
Available in 01 Peach Beauty & 02 Very Cherry.
Suggested retail price: €1.99

Vanillaa’s thoughts:
Hmm, another lip balm? Really?! I wonder if these are tinted..? I bet they’ll smell nice!

Blush Sorbet
What Essence says:
A boost of freshness for a gorgeous finish: the blush with a sorbet texture perfectly complements your early summer fruity look with an intense pink-red shade. Simply dab the airy and light formula on your cheeks with your fingertips and your natural look is done!
Available in 01 Smoothie Operator.
Suggested retail price: €2.79

Vanillaa’s thoughts:
I wonder if this is the same formula as the new, standard collection, blush soufflés. I think the pink/red tone might be a little overdone for my fair complexion, but we’ll see.

Nail Polish
What Essence says:
Wanted: fruity colors! as colorful and shimmering as springtime – these five good mood colors bring the loveliest season of the year to your nails! An absolute must-have for the fruity spring look.
Available in 01 Banana Joe, 02 Peach Beauty, 03 Very Cherry, 04 One Kiwi A Day… & 05 Mashed Berries.
Suggested retail price: €1.79

Vanillaa’s thoughts:
Wow, those creamy nail polish with glitter in them look super-duper-mega awesome!! *drools* So original, too! Must get these, as a nail polish fanatic 😀 I like the happy, spring-y, fresh colors!

Scented Top Coat
What Essence says:
Strawberry fantastic! The scented top coat is super fruity and gives your nails a seductive fresh strawberry scent.
Available in – what else- 01 Smells Like Strawberry…
Suggested retail price: €1.99

Nail Art Sealing Top Coat
What Essence says:
The crowning glory for fruity nail design! Simply apply the nail art sealing top coat after styling your nails for long-lasting results.
Available in 01 Stay Fruity.
Suggested retail price: €1.99

Vanillaa’s thoughts:
Hmmm scented top coat? No thanks. By then, I’ll be intoxicated by the fumes of the other 3 layers of nail polish, anyway 😛 😛 I don’t really like the original Nail Art Sealing Top Coat, it doesn’t really dry on me. I guess this product is the same thing.

Nail Fruits
What Essence says:
Cheeky little fruits on your nails – the absolute eye-catcher of the season! You can decorate your nails in a matter of seconds with these trendy designs. Super-easy to apply thanks to the included nail glue. The ultimate must-have for all nail fashionistas this spring.
Available in 01 Fruit Punch To Go.
Suggested retail price: €1.99

Vanillaa’s thoughts:
Sliced fruit fimo canes! Awesome, so spring- and summer-y 😀

Overall thoughts
This collection makes me sooo happy and sooo ready for spring/summer. Bring it on! Awesome collection, Essence!

Essence Fruity will appear in Kruidvat stores (The Netherlands) from mid-April to May 2012.

What is your favorite kind of fruit? Do you like Essence’s new Trend Edition?

❤ Natasja

Source: Essence & Today’s Beauty

Collection: Catrice Revoltaire

Oh snap, Catrice is coming out with one amazingly pretty new collection: Revoltaire! I’m so excited!

What Catrice says (in German):
Catrice macht Lust, alte Traditionen abzuschaffen und revolutioniert von April bis Mai 2012 mit der Limited Edition „Revoltaire“ konventionelle Frühlings-Farbwelten. Gegensätze? Ja, bitte! Natürliches Braun, dezentes Grün, puristisches Grau und zartes Nude werden zur neuen Leinwand für grelle Acid-Colours und enthüllen so erst ihre wahre Style-Kompetenz. Koralliges Pink, toxisches Grün. „Revoltaire“ by CATRICE – auf zu neuartigen Farb-Kombinationen!

And this is the collection 😀

Smokey Eyes Palettes
What Catrice says (in German):
Be edgy! Die Catwalks präsentieren starke Revoluzzerinnen, die vor allem eines sind: Authentisch. Einfach sie selbst. Und so kommt der Style nach Hause: Mit drei farbintensiven Puder-Lidschatten und einem Cake Eyeliner sowie integriertem Applikator mit einer Schwämmchen- und einer Eye Liner-Pinsel-Seite. Die Basis-Farben: Dezente und edle Töne wie Grau, Braun Khaki und Gold. Der Knaller: Die Highlight-Nuancen Coral-Pink oder Acid-Green. Smokey-Eyes, einmal ganz lässig anders! Das coole Revoltaire-Wappen ziert ein hochwertiges Gunmetall-Etui mit integriertem Spiegel.
Available in C01 Toxic Combination en C02 Explosive Combination.
Suggested retail price: €4.49

Vanillaa’s thoughts:
They look amazing, especially the green one. They have to convince me with their pigmentation, though!

Lip Brush
What Catrice says (in German):
Besonders bei mattem Lippenfinish ist Präzision gefragt! Für die Lip Brush kein Problem: Mit dem professionellen Pinsel lasst sich die Lippenkontur sauber nachziehen, aber auch die gesamte Lippe gleichmäßig ausmalen. Nach dem Gebrauch schiebt man den Pinsel einfach wieder zusammen so verschwindet er sauber, hygienisch und praktisch zum Mitnehmen in der Handtasche. Revolution und Perfektion – Hand in Hand!
Suggested retail price: €2.99

Vanillaa’s thoughts:
I’m SO excited to see a nice lip brush in a drugstore/budget brand collection. I love me some neat applied lipstick and good lip brushes are hard to come around.

Velvet Matt Lip Colour
What Catrice says (in German):
Matte, samtige Lippen? Oh wow! Dieser Trend revolutioniert den Frühling: Kontrastreich, unerwartet, spannend, neu. Die matten Lippenstifte in außergewöhnlicher Gunmetall-Verpackung trocknen dank ihrer samtigen und reichhaltigen Textur die Lippen nicht aus, geben ihnen satte Farbe mit Tiefe und lassen sie so im Vergleich zu anderen matten Lippenstiften voll und verführerisch erscheinen. Ein Finish, das jedem Look einen lässigen Touch Coolness verleiht – von Nude über Coral-Pink bis Intensiv-Rot.
Available in C01 Colour Bomb, C02 Nude Alarm & C03 Bloody Red.
Suggested retail price: €3.99

Vanillaa’s thoughts:
Yes, matte lipstick is the way to go 😀 Colour Bomb looks so pretty & spring-y! I think the Bloody Red is an surprising choice for a spring collection, but I like blood red lips nontheless!

Powder Blush
What Catrice says (in German):
Konturierte Wangen, ausdrucksstark wie nie! Das Revoltaire Puderrouge mit seinem faszinierend graduierten Farbverlauf von Nude bis Coral-Pink hat eine seidenweiche Textur und sorgt mit einer wahren Farbexplosion für strahlend schöne, perfekt modellierte Gesichtskonturen. Mut zur Farbe! Mut zu Revoltaire!
Available in C01 Colour Bomb.
Suggested retail price: €3.99

Vanillaa’s thoughts:
Ahhhh, blushgasm 😀 MAC Ripe Peach anyone? This is one amazing blush, I need it in my life, for sure 😀

Ultimate Nail Lacquer
What Catrice says (in German):
Eine echte Revoltaire liebt ultimativ langanhaltende Textur, ultimative Deckkraft, ultimative Farbbrillanz – und damit den Ultimate Nail Lacquer von CATRICE! Revolutionär daran sind nicht nur die stylischen Kontraste von gedeckten Tönen und knalligen Neon-Farben, sondern auch der verbesserte, extra breite Profi-Pinsel für ein revolutionäres Farbfinish mit nur einem Auftrag!
Available in C01 Innocent Toxin, C02 Attracting Camouflage, C03 Colour Bomb, C04 Colour of Honor & C05 Mission Lilac.
Suggested retail price: €2.49

Vanillaa’s thoughts:
The green & pink-purple look amazing! As always with nail polish, I can’t wait to see swatches. 🙂

Overall thoughts
I really like the packaging of this collection! As Suzanne already said, the eye shadow palettes remind me of the MAC Royal Assets collection. The blush reminds me of MAC’s Ripe Peach though, I just have to get it! This is such a nice spring collection. I think Catrice is doing such a good job with their collections since last year. It gets me excited every time!

Catrice Revoltaire will appear in Kruidvat & Trekpleister stores (The Netherlands) from April to May 2012.

What do you think about it? Any items that must end up in your collection?

❤ Natasja

Source: Pink Melon