FOTD: Berry frosted cake

So finally, I decided to wear some decent makeup yesterday. I decided to try out some fall makeup trends (burned golds on the eyes and berry lips) and I fell in love with wearing dark berry lips. I also decided to give my MUFE foundation another try, but I still hate it. It’s way too dry and accentuates everything I don’t want to be accentuated ;-) I also colored my hair in a few shades darker. I quite like it :)

I’ll let the pictures do the talking :-)

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FOTD: Gold with passion

Today I decided it was time to wear my favorite MAC lipstick: Impassioned. I love this lipstick, especially when paired with some nude eyes. I’ve had to borrow some darker foundation from a friend, because I’m quite tanned! That never happens to me, so I only own some very light foundations.

By the way, These are the first pictures taken with my new lens, I’m in love :D I forgot to edit some settings, so they’re not the best yet. I’ll try and learn, sorry ;-) Hope you like it!

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